Group of businesspeople standing.

“Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.” Meg Wheatly

Most strategists will tell you that a battle is won long before the first shot… launch, ad… social media post, blog article, etc is ever written. In most cases, they are referring to the tactical approach you will use to gain the trust of your target market. In other words, how is your funnel set up?

The Missing Component

That approach is great and can be very effective IF you incorporate the vital missing component, relationship building.

There is a reason that it takes at least 7 touches before someone makes a purchase. In days gone by what that referred to is they had to hear your name 7 times. Today, that 7 touch series is a little more important for a different reason.

Today, your customers want to know that you can solve their pain points. They want to know that whatever they invest in you or with you is going to get them the result they want.

They also want to know that they aren’t just a dollar sign to you. Your prospect wants to know they matter, and whether they actually buy from you or not right now, you still have their interest in mind.

How Do I Do That?

You build a relationship.

That takes time.

That takes understanding not only what your market needs… but WHO they are as people.

It starts with your website.

Your social media presence.

Your email funnel.

Your marketing.

It takes listening to the people you want to buy from you, hearing what they are saying and responding accordingly. Even if that means you refer them to another option that is better suited for what they need.

My Specialty

This is where I enter the picture. My specialty is building relationships that propel you forward, long before your prospect even talks to you.

The process is much easier when you are sitting to talk to a trusted friend, then a total stranger that just wants to sell you something.

If you are looking to create relationships with your prospects and finally breakthrough the client acquisition barrier that is holding you back, then let’s set up a call.