Are You Using Social Media… the Right Way

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be posting brief “lessons” on using social media the right way.

Unfortunately there is a lot of fluff out there in regards to using social media outlets to grow your businesses. By fluff I mean garbage. If you spend anytime on any of the different platforms that are included in “social media” you have undoubtedly witnessed what I am talking about. As a matter of fact, you may even be inclined to think that when companies are talking about social media that all they are referring to are the social networks.

While social networks are wonderful, they are only a small part of social media. So the next time you see a hosting company or web design company promoting “social integration” for your website as a big bonus of using their service I encourage you to ask them what they are referring to exactly. If their answer is simply making your website ready for Twitter and Facebook… find another person to work with. Or better yet, check out Social Media Page over the next couple of weeks to learn what social media really is and how you can best use it.

Every business, I mean absolutely every business can benefit from using social media tools. As long as you understand what those tools are and how to use them you are going to benefit from them.

Take charge of your business… and your online presence. Learn how to use Social Media.SocialMediaLandscape

Published by Jen Shakeel

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