Where Do You Want to Be

Where Do You Want to Be

My husband frequently uses the quote, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” So… my question to you is where do you want to be?

I ask not for you to give me an answer… but for you to have an answer for yourself. Think about it for a few minutes. Don’t just arbitrarily answer it and say, “Anywhere but here.” Realize that by saying that as long as you end up someplace different… you are getting what you asked for… and that doesn’t necessarily mean someplace better.

Often the reason we don’t think about where it is we really want to be is because we think it is pointless. We believe that where we are is where we are supposed to be.

That really can’t be farther from the truth. You are where you are because that is where you chose to be.

Case in point, I have friend… who is in a job that he no longer enjoys. Well, he doesn’t enjoy where it is he is employed. He is miserable… complains about his job most days. Yet when you ask him about it, his response is always, “I am stuck here for 10 more years so that I can retire and get my pension…”

One day when I couldn’t take it anymore I said to him, “You know what… the only person that says you have to stay there for 10 more years is YOU.”

While it didn’t make him leave his job, and that wasn’t my intention… it did make him stop and think for a minute.

If you are in a job… a relationship… a house… a city… that you don’t like… that you don’t want to be… ask yourself where is it that you want to be.

Really think about it. Where is it and why?

Answering those two questions will help you get on the right path.

Published by Jen Shakeel

Our Success in Life is Determined by the People We Meet and What We Create Together.

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