Experience, the Presidency and the position of Celebrity

Originally I posted this on my Facebook page, and though it has very little to do with writing or marketing from the traditional standpoint… it has everything to do with the concepts behind it. I do ask for forgiveness as I did get on my soap box for this “little rant” but I want you to think. Not only about what is going on in this country right now but why the content below is important.

Here is the link to the Robert DeNiro video referenced below

For the most part I have shared political media for the sake of making whoever stops to read the post to think.

While I completely agree with what Mr. DeNiro has to say in this video, my point of this post is more to get you to see the ridiculousness of what is happening, right now, in this country.

There are more than a handful of videos that have been put together with celebrities endorsing a candidate. There have been more than a handful of videos and ads put together with celebrities and no as famous people urging me… you… us to get out and vote.

The majority of these ads/videos are then followed by an onslaught of negative comments from Americans talking about why in the world should we listen to these celebrities… what do they know, they are just stuck in their own little world and don’t understand the struggle that everyday people are facing.

I have seen it go as far as people attacking that individual celebrity for things they have done in their personal life and questioning the judgement of that celebrity on anything that has to do with what is best for this country.

My fellow Americans… I am speaking specifically to those that attack celebrities for using their position in society during political debates…

What in the hell do you think Donald Trump is?

Donald Trump, is a celebrity… who has money… that decided to throw his hat in the political spectrum to insight a violent revolution in this country.

Before you get all upset and want to rant on and defend him and tell me how I am wrong about what I am saying… after all I am a woman and as we all have seen multiple times, Trump has very little value for women think or say. If you don’t fit into what he deems “worthy” you are ignored or cast aside.  I am not saying go out and vote for Hillary Clinton.

What I am saying is that you have to be intelligent enough to realize that the very thing you are accusing others of doing IS THE EXACT THING YOU ARE DOING. You, and every day citizen… that has the power to change the world are endorsing a celebrity that talks out of his ass just to get a reaction out of you.

Explain to me precisely how Donald Trump is a good thing for our country, for our people?

I dare you to answer that question more intelligently than Mr. Trump himself would be able to.

Let me explain that in simpler terms, answer the question. Don’t dance around it. Don’t rephrase the question as a statement. Don’t turn it into what Hillary Clinton has done or hasn’t done.

EXPLAIN to me how Donald Trump is going to fix this country. HOW is he the better choice?

What has he done to improve social injustice in this country?

What has he done to create jobs for Americans?

How has his professional efforts improved society?

What has he done to change our country for the better? Ever?

You all bitch about career politicians and complain that one of the biggest issues you have with Hillary Clinton is that she has “been doing this for so long and only now she is wanting to make changes.”

Stop for a moment and think about that.

Hillary Clinton has fought her way up through the system ALL along the way she has fought for the rights of women and to eradicate social injustice across the country for all minorities.

Just as a woman in any other realm in this country she has had to work harder, been held to stricter standards and had every decision she has ever made scrutinized by others that have done less… or gotten farther faster simply because they are not a female.

Yet she never stopped. She has admitted to her mistakes and has worked to be better, learned from the mistakes and progressed forward.

She is the most qualified presidential candidate the United States has ever had based on experience ALONE.

Wait… think again.

At no other point in this wonderful country of ours… has our culture or society been accepting of a woman for President.

At no other point in this wonderful country of ours… has a woman had the support to run for President.

At no other point in this wonderful country of our have we allowed someone with absolutely NO experience in the political world RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

For all of your people out there that criticized Barack Obama for his “lack of experience” in the political sector with the comments of how it was a bad idea to have someone with so little experience hold the office of President you NOW want to support a man that cannot operate his own businesses legally or ethically?

You prefer no experience over profound experience?

You prefer unintelligent remarks that demean other people over a movement for social justice?

THINK about that.

We the people have to be smarter than that. We have to be… we NEED to be. If we are not we stand to make a decision that will tear apart this country even more so than this political roller coaster already has.

Regardless of your political views, your stance on social issues… what is most important is that you vote. That is the most important part of all of this. Vote, get out there and exercise your right to vote. If you feel that strongly about what is happening in this country that you truly want to see things happen… see things get better, VOTE.

Thank you for taking a moment… I will step down off of my soap box now.

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