About Jen Shakeel CPS

Jen Shakeel CPS (3)Why Work with Jen Shakeel CPS?

Many years ago I started on an entrepreneurial journey that helped me understand what it takes to create a name and a business so that success is attainable. I learned branding and marketing best practices, not from a textbook sitting in a classroom somewhere, rather through hands-on experience and a deep passion for learning and understanding what works in the real world.

I learned that our success in life is determined by two primary factors. The people we meet and what it is we create together.

I learned that building and nurturing real relationships will change everything.

I learned that if you constantly provide value and care about the outcome incredible things happen.

I understand what it is like to be the lone ranger taking on every aspect of your business on your own. I also know what it is like to have money and people at your disposal and still get nowhere.

I lived it. I learned from it… and when I need more I sought out the mentors that could take me to the next level. Today, I still am learning. That is the beauty of branding and marketing… well of business in general, you can’t stay stagnant. If you do, you fail.

The business, branding and marketing services I offer are focused on relationships. Throwing money at problems doesn’t make the problems go away, it just leaves you broke.

So let’s change the dynamic. Let’s invest wisely, in a purposeful way that solves your problems, gets you the results you not only want but need.

Who We Work With

Truthfully, there isn’t anyone we can’t help. However, that doesn’t mean that my team and I will work with everyone. Jen Shakeel CPS specializes in the following industries:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Trucking
  • Gaming
  • Human/Social Services

Within those industries we work:

  • 1:1 with professionals
  • Start-Ups
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Small Businesses

If you don’t feel you fall into one of those categories, that’s okay. If I don’t have an expert on my in-house team to work with you I have resources and trusted partners to connect you to. Jen Shakeel CPS’s goal is your success.

My Team

In-house my team is small. I have personally handpicked my fellow heroes and trained them on my philosophy and made sure they are equipped with the skills needed to ensure success.

But my team doesn’t stop there. As I said, relationships are key. I also bring with me a team of trusted outside resources that also embrace my philosophy and are dedicated to your success.

Let’s talk about how we can help you get where you want to be.


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