Entrepreneur Options

Sometimes the best option for people that want to be self-employed is to start off with a business that is already established. Where the headache of brand establishment and most of the major marketing that needs to take place for a business to be successful is already taken care.

What is even better is finding these entrepreneurial options that also include unparalleled support and training and products that people love that you don’t have to stock.

In the course of my professional career, I have been an independent consultant for a variety of businesses… Pampered Chef, Cerabella, Body Shop… and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, they are all wonderful companies and they offer great products and you can make decent money. What always bogged me down was HAVING to do parties and carry around all of the products.

I have found a couple great options that anyone can do, from home and they don’t require inventory or parties.

Each of which do require some investment from you, but the way I can help you offset that is that I will provide free business coaching for you to get you up and running and you can utilize the tools I have to get started and grow.

Think about that, your own business… FREE coaching, marketing, and branding assistance.


I wanted to invite you to join Hatchbuck’s affiliate program. With Hatchbuck’s affiliate program you can earn recurring commissions while helping other small businesses to grow!

If you are interested, click here to learn more and get started. This is free for you to join!

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Here you actually have 2 options. You can become an ambassador, again this is free you simply have to apply here.

The better option is that I recommend becoming a student. Go ahead and read the first three chapters, for FREE just click the image.

The reason I recommend becoming a student is that you will learn how to take control of your life PLUS at the end, you are a certified health and wellness coach which is a new business all on its own!

It is an amazing program, you learn so much about yourself and how you can help others that it is worth the investment. Plus you get to meet a lot of really amazing people that are as interested in your success as I am. We are all here to help you!

I have 3 more that I will be sharing very soon!