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Getting It Right

Professionals and businesses alike need to understand the importance of getting LinkedIn Profiles right.

Like it or not, today before a customer, prospect or recruiter has picked up the phone to call you they have done their research. To make miracles happen, you need to use LinkedIn correctly and with panache.

“Recruiters and employers both use LinkedIn to source candidates for employment, sometimes even trickling down the employment hierarchy for career networking opportunities of their own.” Allison Doyle

Your LinkedIn profile should always be a work in progress and updated regularly. It needs to be done correctly and follow what is working today, not what was working 5 years ago or even 5 months ago.


Your profile (individual or company) is the first impression that a business, prospect or recruiter may have with you. Think of LinkedIn as the go-to place for meeting professionals. Meaning you are putting your best foot forward. Unfortunately, today, many are using it as an extension of their Facebook profiles. Don’t make that mistake. Keep it clean and professional, your image should represent who you are and the content you post and share should reflect your expertise, knowledge, and understanding of your industry.

Important to note that when it comes to Google searches, LinkedIn profiles rank higher than most other social profiles and essentially is seen as your online resume.

Brand Management

Brand management is not only for businesses. Professionals have their own personal brand and that needs to be established, nurtured and managed. Utilize your LinkedIn profile to help establish you as an expert or thought leader to boost visibility and credibility in your industry.

Upload blogs, videoes, images, white papers, presentations, awards, volunteerism, etc to help create a 3D view that showcases your skills and abilities.


If you are a business or consultant, you can also use your LinkedIn profile to generate leads. The right LinkedIn profile will generate a call or message from your ideal client. You can also take advantage of the “Viewed By” as a way to reach out to potential connections. If they have taken the time to view your profile, there is a reason. Finding out what that reason was, starting that conversation, opens the doors to a number of possibilities.

There is a right way and a wrong way to follow up with those that have viewed your profile.

Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile Takes Time

But it’s Worth the Investment

If you don’t have the time or patience to masterfully craft a LinkedIn profile that best represents you, let Jen Shakeel CPS do it for you. I personally attend Linked University to stay up to date with current best practices as well as ongoing training and the small in-house team I have has also gone through training.

We don’t guess and hope what we create works. We make sure of it.

Remember these two things:

  1. Your first professional impression is your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Relationships are the foundation of success


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