Marketing: Social and Social Media

Our success is determined by the people we meet and what we create together.

A successful marketing strategy must include social marketing and social media marketing. You as a business owner, entrepreneur or professional need to know the difference between the two and why they are important.

How to plan and implement them is our job.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is a proven tool for influencing the behavior of your target audience in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

This tool is used to develop activities target at changing or maintaining behavior for the benefit of your business or for society as a whole.

There are six steps to social marketing, it is a very systematic and planned process:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Scope
  3. Develop
  4. Implement
  5. Evaluate
  6. Follow-Up

I want to stress that social marketing is as important for the driven professional as it is for the small business, especially if you want to be seen as trailblazer or change agent.

Social Marketing Approach

During our consultation, you go through part of the social marketing approach that we recommend to all of our clients. It is a natural part of my coaching process. You need to be able to answer these four questions:

  1. Do I really understand my target audience and see things from their perspective?
  2. Am I clear on what I want my audience to do?
  3. For my audience, do the benefits of doing what I want them to do outweigh the barriers or cost of doing it?
  4. Is there a combination of activities that I will use to encourage people to achieve the desired response?

To learn more about Social Marketing take a look at our blog or request a 10-minute educational call.

Social Media Marketing

The one aspect of marketing that everyone claims to know how to do, yet few do effectively.

Social media marketing is more than Facebook. It is LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social platform your target audience utilizes. So understanding “where your peeps are” and how to talk to them is important.

Whereas Social Marketing is about influencing behavior, Social Media Marketing is about building a relationship. Smart businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals realize that to be effective these two tools need to be used together.

Knowing your audience, understanding who they are will impact everything from the words you use to the images you share.

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